Voice, Data and Fiber Optic Cabling

These days structured cabling can include cable for your data, voice, security, cable TV, or audio/video networks.  People realize there is a vast amount of information moving through their business’s daily, but do they understand the backbone or highway of all that information is their building’s cabling infrastructure? 

A few examples:

  • Accounting and financial transactions.
  • Telephone interaction with your customers.
  • Employee & customer files
  • Networked software programs
  • Video to ensure your employee safety or property protection
  • Digital signage, televisions, projectors, smart boards, etc.
  • Company paging or emergency systems
  • Building security and access control
  • Much, much, more!

It all Starts with the Design: Employee productivity, safety, and your bottom line could be tied to the quality of your building’s infrastructure.  Underestimating this part of your business can be a serious and costly mistake.

  • An assessment of how your voice, data, security, TV and audio/video systems function today and some anticipation on how they will operate in the future is a must.
  • Each system has different cabling needs, but it starts with discussing the end result or performance needed by the client. 
  • Without discussing the result, you can’t be sure the proper cabling infrastructure will be installed.  This often requires meetings with different departments, vendors, or subcontractors to get the necessary information.  This vital step is missed in 80% of construction projects today.
  • Improper design can significantly impact your construction costs, day-to-day costs, and future costs as your business evolves or grows.

Quality Installation:

  • Different types of cable are needed for each system: Category 5E, Category 6, Fiber Optics, RG-6, RG-59, RG-11, HDMI, etc.  Each cable type has certain specifications on how they are to be installed.  Without the proper installation, the performance and warranty will not be guaranteed.
  • Cabling should be installed, labeled, documented and tested by a trained technician.
  • Incorrectly installed cabling could cause slower transfer rates and costly troubleshooting time for your IT staff or technology vendors.
  • This type of work has very little oversight or inspections so the installation quality can vary drastically from contractor to contractor. Having input on choosing the right vendor up front is very important to your business.

Foss has specialized in cabling infrastructures for over 16 years and aim to provide our clients the best design and installation that will save them time and money in the future.

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