Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Have you ever missed an important call?

Do people complain because they can't ever get ahold of you?

Do you need to get out information quickly?

Cell phone signal boosters provide reliable, flexible solutions for large buildings and businesses experiencing poor cell and data reception. From manufacturing to schools, poor indoor cell coverage can be a burden anywhere. FOSS will help you overcome cell signal challenges specific to your organization.

Boosters in Manufacturing:

Expansive square footage and metal or thick concrete walls can prevent cell phone signals from reaching inside, cell phone signal boosters can get you connected again. A strong signal will ensure that systems work as needed, keeping staff connected while monitoring safety procedures, filling incoming orders, and staying on top of daily operations. 

Boosters in Schools:

Faculty, students, and parents rely on mobile coverage and wireless data to teach, learn, and grow together. Strong reception can help all staff, students, and parents stay connected and safe across a wide campus, while also improving access to digital resources and campus-wide learning applications. May qualify for E-Rate Funding.

Boosters in Retail:

Modern shoppers demand reliable cell and data coverage to download store coupons or apps, do product research, send a text, or make a call. Signal boosters can help enhance the overall customer experience while shopping in your store.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Features:

  • Improve reception on all carriers
  • Enhances call quality and reduces dropped calls
  • Faster data transfers
  • Up to 32x stronger signal
  • Improve signal in certain areas or the whole building
  • Longer cell phone battery life
  • Help keep up the demand for reliable cell reception
  • Never miss Wireless Emergency Notifications such as critical weather alerts, threat notifications, or other government communications

From the initial assessment, to expert design, to fast and effective installation, FOSS provides tailored and reliable cell signal boosting solutions from start to finish.

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